Understanding and Recognising 同步chronicity

In the past few years there has been an upsurge in the discussion and interest around the phenomena of 同步性. This is perhaps due to the wild success of ‘The Secret’及其指导原则‘吸引力定律’.

Much like the teachings of 秘密, 同步性 has perhaps existed for thousands of years but been given different names. Harbingers, portents and omens for example –很长时间以来,我们人类一直在与事件建立有意义的联系。

Harbingers, portents and omens however, all talk of the future. They are 迹象 of a coming event and their nature gives an indication of how that event will be viewed. In olden 蒂姆es, typically omens and the like were left to skilled interpreters to read and decide 上 whether they made good 要么 bad news. These days we tend to use all three words with negative connotations. 同步chronicity 上 the other hand is something that tends to be more personal and more immediate.

巧合变得微不足道了。人们说‘it’s just coincidence’ to remove the magic out of two 要么 more events occurring that seem miraculously connected. Co (together) incidence (incident) simply means two events happening 一起; nothing more, nothing less.


最早是Carl Jung这个词‘synchronicity’ to explain an “因果联系原理”。似乎没有共同原因的事情发生比每次发生都产生更大的意义。用希腊文‘Syn’ means ‘together’ and Chron means Time. Old Father 蒂姆e was 上ce 知道n as Chronos to the Greeks (Saturn to the Romans). Therefore 同步性 links 一起 something in 蒂姆e.

参加演出时,您想听乐队演奏 一起 in 蒂姆e 彼此。它没有’t matter whether it’民间,嘻哈或爵士乐;为了创作出有意义的音乐,所有乐队成员都必须及时。想一想在吉他手可以参加的演出中感到多么痛苦’听不到歌手或贝斯手对鼓手的遗忘。存在‘out of 蒂姆e’震撼你的感官,会让你焦虑或生气,让你想逃脱 噪声. Whilst we all have certain musical genres we prefer, essentially there is an 要么 der to music; a pattern. It is this underlying 要么 der that creates music 代替 噪声. We talk of creating drum patterns showing the 要么 der and structure in rhythm. Playing in 蒂姆e 一起, following the pattern, the band can communicate their song whether it be about universal love, gang war 要么 Christmas.

Music is a vibration, a sound wave that travels, enters your ear and affects the tiniest bone in your 身体. The movement of this bone (after a sequence of other events) is translated by your brain as sound and you hear the music. Science by the way, doesn’不知道大脑如何将电脉冲转换为最新的布兰妮腰带。


同步事件就像一首歌,对不同的人可能意味着不同的事情。不管发生什么’s how you interpret it that defines the meaning. The beauty of 同步性 is that when you 注意 it, it means exactly what it is supposed to mean –给你。即使当你最好的朋友站在你旁边 注意 something, they 可能 interpret it in a different way to you. They 可能 not see it at all. It’s what makes 同步性 such a difficult concept to prove when it comes to science.

我相信,清醒的世界与梦一样。生活简直就是一场梦。我们归类为‘reality’具有延展性,灵活性并可以讨论。哲学家已经做了很多年了,‘如果一棵树掉在森林里…’ question still rages. You and I 可能 agree 上 many things but we will still experience the world very differently. Take five different people who witness the same event, you will get five different stories. There 可能 be similarities but there 可能 also be startling differences. 同步chronicity speaks to us because we each have a unique view of the world.


因此,我们拥有您所居住的独特世界,然后我们也拥有 其他的东西。我相信‘something else’ is an intelligent presence that is woven through the entire universe. Some might call it God 要么 Goddess, some 可能 refer to it as a higher power, some might feel it is alien. I don’不知道那是什么,只有我能感觉到–更大的宇宙模式。

And this cosmic pattern has a song. When you experience 同步性 suddenly you feel ‘in tune’. You 知道 you are connected to that ‘something else’随便你怎么称呼它。



同步chronicity is like this, a call and response between you and the universe. The more clear you become about the song you are writing (the 生活 you are creating), the more clearly you hear the accompanying music of the rest of creation.

同步chronicity can come in all shapes and forms but it is usually characterised by 重复 要么 关系.

Repetitive 同步性 is literally when a symbol 要么 theme is repeated. For example a fox appears in the road ahead of you whilst you drive home and then upon arriving home you find your friend has sent you a card with a picture of a fox 上 it.




That brought me up short. I felt deeply disturbed. Despite 知道ing that this could simply be a 信息 saying ‘life’太短了,就去吧”, every part of me knew it was something more, 其他的东西.

I pondered the 信息 all the way to the office. As I sat down at my desk my colleagues began discussing whether they would want to be buried 要么 cremated. I don’不知道是什么触发了对话,但我的皮肤开始爬行。我带着咖啡走到外面的屋顶露台上,一只乌鸦从上面大声喊着,明显地栖息在我的对面。就是这样第三次确认。

“I’m really worried” I confided in her “I’m getting death 信息s. I think someone’s died”.


In this instance, the 同步性 was there to give me important information. Whilst I believe the primary reason was to inform me that a friend was in need, the secondary reason was indeed to tell me that 生活 is short, we never 知道 what is around the corner and therefore to allow myself to really live my dreams before it’s too late.


关系同步趋向于‘relate’ directly to a situation that you have been thinking about 要么 are experiencing. For example, 可能be you’ve been thinking about getting a new job and someone starts telling you about a vacancy. Maybe you are wondering whether to visit a certain place and suddenly you turn the TV 上 and there it is. Maybe you decide you want to read a certain book and then someone gives it to you. These kind of synchronicities 涉及 directly to something that is occurring in your own 生活. Quite often I see these as ‘confirmations’。如果您选择这条路,就好像宇宙只是在确认前进的道路是开放的。在其他时候,宇宙正在悄悄地确认您已经知道但可能尚未意识到的意识。





To recap then, 同步性 can: –

Bring you an important 信息.

Recognising 同步性 is part of developing your awareness. In 蒂姆e you intuitively come to 知道 what is 同步性 and what isn’t。我认为最重要的学习技巧之一是 注意 代替 . Actively 看ing for 迹象 can be at best confusing and at worst drive you mad. Imagine for example you walk into a large hall full of people. As you make your way to the drinks table you hear snippets of conversations. One group are laughing about a previous night out, two 朋友们 are discussing how they hate their job, three woman are talking about their partners and a couple are having a heated whispered argument 上 whether to visit family at the weekend. To think that every overheard phrase might have some meaning for you would be incredibly confusing! If you are actively listening there is nothing to define what is and what isn’t meaningful.

有意义的是,当您快乐地前进时,然后有什么打击您。您头顶上的一句话似乎像灯塔一样伸手可及。虽然您有意识地知道说话的人不是’不跟你说话,你以某种方式知道你是 打算听.

When 同步性 happens I experience a sensation of recognition. I often feel like something has just zipped into my heart chakra. My heart rate speeds up a notch, I feel my awareness expanding, there’感觉到某种程度上,一切都变得更轻了。片刻可以消失,但我只是 知道.

同步chronicity is like hearing a lyric from a divine song. It shows us that 生活 is a waking dream and that everything is connected. It raises our awareness, allows us to see the greater pattern  and confirms to us that we are part of it.

If you have had a 同步性 experience and would like help understanding what it means, you can 在这里预订阅读


  1. 哇,利亚!真是太棒了。你说的很多是我曾经有过但避风港的想法’不言而喻。那里’s lots of quality in this 文章. Thanks so much for putting it 一起 and I just have to say I’我对网所能提供的服务感到非常兴奋。它’s powerful.

  2. 嗨Njppa–谢谢你的评论。我同意,网络是与众多人交流的绝佳方式x

  3. Occasionally 同步性 happen in my 生活.
    上周五,我的女亲戚从公共汽车上摔下来,我的女同事被抢。昨晚,我的一位女性前同事发生了摩托车事故。’这第三次让我大吃一惊“synchronicity ! ”。因此,在不到一周的时间里,我三位不太亲密的女友发生了事故!但是像往常一样,我没有什么下一步要做什么的线索。也许接下来的几周我必须更加谨慎和警惕。’如果这些事件链仅仅是巧合,那就太奇怪了。

  4. 嗨mhd
    哦,我’m sorry to hear about your 朋友们. I do hope that all of them make a good recovery.

  5. I have had many examples of 同步性 guiding me. The way I usually receive it is through the repeated seeing and hearing of a single word. Recently I kept seeing the word Phoenix over and over. This happened before, during and after an episode in my 生活 where I went through a huge upset and came out the other end a stronger and more independent person!

    此刻,我看到一个人的名字,这个人是我生命中非常重要的人,几年来我从未见过。我似乎每天都听到或听到他的名字,有时这种情况一遍又一遍。就在前几天,有些人说不出话来,’没注意到他们,突然之间一切都变得安静了,我听到有人提到这个名字。你的观察….. “在有意识的情况下,您知道说话的人不是在和您说话,但您却以某种方式知道自己“很想听”…..完全适合这种情况。

  6. 喜Mi
    谢谢你的评论。凤凰的形象确实很强。我很高兴听到你‘rose from the ashes’。看到您的特殊名字会发生什么会很有趣…keep us updated 🙂

  7. 嗨利亚

  8. 嗨马克

  9. 嗨Misty,Mark和Leah

    在过去的两个星期中,我重复了同样的名字。最近三天表现强劲。我想这是积极的,我想与这个人联系,但是我很害怕。与这个人的关系很复杂,我不想被拒绝。但是这个名字有“followed” me for years within the circle of 朋友们, co-workers and other acquaintances. What I have learned is that I am “waiting to see”会发生什么,而不是主动寻找他。还是我应该?我很想看看他是否也有同样的经历?

  10. 嗨鲁兹

  11. 你好利亚,我有一个有趣的故事,我想看看你是否能理解。我的家人过去在海边度假,我们过去在另一个家庭旁边租了一座房子,实际上,我的姐姐非常友好,我姐姐与一个女孩变得非常亲密。多年以来,我们的家庭在我们曾经度过的假期中碰到了彼此。去年夏天,在我们疯狂恋爱了大约一年之后,我遇到了另一个姐姐,然后事情发生了转机,我们分手了,但现在我们陷入了困境。从那以后彼此相遇了三遍

  12. 嗨利亚


    Its exciting and comforting to 知道 there are these 迹象 and 信息s out there for us –而且您对它持开放的态度越多,宇宙对您的投掷就越多。感谢您的文章,它确实帮助我澄清了最近发生的很多事情,并验证了它们之间的联系。


  13. 嗨阿曼达
    感谢您的评论。它’s very true that if we open up to the universe, the pattern unfolds and 信息s abound! We are all part of the complex web 🙂

  14. 前几天,我读了由两位完全不同的作家写的两本小说。无论如何,他们俩都提到了蒙蒂·霍尔的问题/赌博。这不只是一个“weird coincidence” for me?

  15. 嗨咪咪据我对蒙蒂·霍尔赌博的了解,’做出一个不太明显的选择,实际上更有可能获得期望的结果。一世’d说,如果您注意到了这一点,那么也许与您有关。只有您知道它是否对您有帮助-如果您当前正在做出决定,那么Monthy Hall赌博可能建议您选择不太明显的选择…

  16. 看到同一个名字或同一个名字的变体,例如:看到威廉(比尔或比利)或詹姆斯(吉姆或吉米)的名字,加上看到这个我认识的人的姓氏。我还看到他们所居住的城镇,或者听到他们所居住的城镇的信息。看到他们所居住的县的名称。听到并看到我每天提到的所有这些事情。这是标志吗?一个警告?它’快要让我发疯了。我为这个停止而祈祷,但是它赢了’t stop. I don’甚至不认识这个人…还没。我该怎么办?

  17. 嗨埃德娜–天哪,听起来有些事情确实在引起您的注意。你说你不’不太了解这个人…yet. Were you planning 上 getting to 知道 them? It 可能 be that the universe is encouraging this. However, it is also wise to be cautious because not everyone understands these kinds of experiences and I don’不知道您在什么情况下认识有关人员。
    就像它一样’t stopped when you have asked, it 可能 help to try a different approach. Write down the information you have 上 a piece of paper and light a candle at Full Moon. Sit with it and calmly thank the universe for the information it has given you so far. Explain to it as you would a friend, that you’对于如何处理提供给您的信息有些困惑,因此您将其放回了他们的手中。您也可以为有关人员祈祷,并要求他们得到祝福和保护。当您说完祷告后,请燃烧蜡烛中的纸片,并想象烟雾带着您的祷告升向天堂。沿着水槽洗净骨灰。完成此操作后,请放手– it’回到宇宙的手中。这应该有助于它停止运行,或者使Universe告知您为什么会收到此信息。希望对您有所帮助。

  18. 我丈夫去世后,我被留下去经营家族企业,当他处理一切事务并负责时,我想我将很难继续他离开的地方—在他去世后的几个月里,所有东西都是111-赠汽油券,金额为$ 1.11,不是连续一次,而是连续三次,杂货店购买了$ 38.11-($ 11.11)等。–事实证明,经营这项业务很容易,我做得很好—是111的意思

  19. 嗨凯瑟琳– Sometimes number sequences are reiterated to make the 信息 more 注意able. Number 1 is about beginnings. We also use it to mean ‘照顾数字1’ which just means it’关于照顾好自己。是的,也许宇宙在说–你可以做到,你做到了-

  20. 您好,我一直看到这个名字‘Martin’在过去两个月中几乎每天都无处不在。它’让我发疯,它’不在隐藏的地方’s not as if I’m正在寻找以达到预期的每日配额。它’在我的车里开车’s a 马丁 road, I see a billboard for martins garage, a sign for martins towing service, 马丁s plumbing, 马丁s cheese curls, 马丁 gas station, 上e night I 注意d it was nearly midnight and I hadn’t seen the name anywhere, I went to open my mothers iPad and the browser came up with a young ladies 脸书 whos last name was, you guessed it, 马丁 and it was 11:57. The other instances continue, perhaps it’是一个非常受欢迎的名字,它一直存在,我’m现在才开始注意到。一世’我很好奇,有见识吗?

  21. 嗨诺拉– There are various steps to figuring out what this might mean for you. Think about whether you 知道 anyone called 马丁 要么 knew anyone who passed away with that name. It 可能 be a simple way of calling your attention to that person. Think about the meaning of the name – 马丁 comes from Mars which is to do with courage, fortitude, fight 要么 flight, goals, energy. It could be that you 可能 meet someone called 马丁 who is important in some way so the universe has sensitised you to the name so that you are aware of it.

  22. I have a male friend that I have becoming closer to as a friend in the last year. He has always been around, for about 3 years now and we have just started to actually hang out and become 朋友们; his last name is 马丁. I researched meanings in both the name and Mars and found some insight. However, I’我希望可以用不同的方式解释它。它声称火星是一种炽热的激情,’激情声称是情人,特别是情人,而不是丈夫。我有一个男朋友,我们’在一起已经快三年了。一世’我希望这意味着没什么不好的。

  23. 嗨我’我今年夏天认识了这个女孩,她在我组织的活动中随机出现。我们有了一个瞬间的吸引力(一开始甚至没有物理吸引力),我们只是点击一下,就像我们彼此认识多年一样。我们有所有共同点。我们曾经开玩笑,我们会猜测彼此之间最不可思议的事情。当然,我们一起走了,开始约会,事态发展迅捷,然后突然停止,我们在做我必须说的所有错误。我想一定要发生。回顾过去,我意识到我们必须从这种经验中成长(我改变了很多)。我开始注意到事物,对周围的事物有了更多的了解。我改变了对世界的整体看法,我现在一直很积极,我喜欢小事情,我总是很开心,我觉得世界就是我的游乐场。我已经开始使用LOA来表达自己的理想生活。现在,我到处都看到标志,在卡车上的广告牌上写着“我们正在为未来做准备……”的同步标志,上面写着“居住着你的梦想”,同时在广播中注意到一首歌的歌词。 “小心您的要求,使您一无所获”……已经很奇怪了!就在那天晚上我回到家时,随机打开电视,她的名字不断弹出约6次(’这不是第一次发生这种情况’不是一个普通的名字,我也没有’自从我们分手以来,她一直在和她说话…现在这已经很不可思议了,但是感觉很棒,我从未停止过爱那个女孩,所以我想这是有道理的她是我刚知道的第一个女孩。称其为直觉或预感,但我绝对明白“what just happened”感觉到我说她的那一刻。我相信宇宙是否如此巧合(尽管我并不十分相信巧合),我觉得总有一天会发生一些伟大的事情,无论它是’与她或更大的人在一起’甚至可能。直到旅程结束,我都会很开心!

  24. 你知道吗..我陷入了以离婚而告终的恋爱关系中’s ex’s name keeps showing up. I went to an astrologer and he says he has two marriages and neither of it will be good. I was the first 上e. It freaks me out to think that she is the second 上e when i want to reconcile. But who 知道s 可能be she is the 上e and not me. I just feel unable to handle this breakdown.

  25. 嗨Saumya– I’很抱歉听到你要离婚。给自己一些时间,并确保您周围有支持您的支持。没有什么是一成不变的。出生图显示了潜在的生活经验,但是我们也可以选择如何应对这些事情。

  26. 嗨利亚
    I have recently connected to an old love who was and is the love of my 生活 and although wanting to be 一起, I am married (although probably separating), and he is married and cannot leave now. He is married to a black woman.
    Although the 信息 from the card seens clear I cannot see 生活 going that way.


  27. 嗨,利亚,


    我想在过去的几年中,我’一直注意到奇怪的重复出现的术语或短语。不仅仅是其他人更深入,更复杂的体验,而是我能做的很少的事情’我什至不再记得其中的大多数’我通常把它们归结为巧合。它 ’最近发生了这么多次,我开始对此感到疑惑,因此抬头看看这是否发生在其他人身上,然后找到您的文章。

    就像这样当别人提到或说出我所用的术语或短语时,我会忙碌的一天,并进行正常的交谈’很少听说过。可能是任何东西,通常对我来说是毫无意义和无害的,最后一个是“small holding”然后在那之前,“burner phone.”我当时显然对此一无所获,但后来,通常是同一天,’会读书或看电视节目,而书/节目会提到完全相同的术语。这些术语对我而言并没有多大意义,但是这种经历的出现让我大为震惊!

  28. 嗨奥利弗–是的,那些小小的同步可能会很奇怪’他们,但是非常值得注意!他们来的时候,我认为’就像从宇宙中悄悄的耳语说‘pay attention’。您越注意到它们,您的内在调整就越多-

  29. 你好– It could depend 上 a lot of things. There 可能 be a connection between you, a recognition of a soul friend. It could be useful to 看 up the meaning of his name to see if that has any relevance in your 生活 right now. It could also mean that he is a symbol for you going to the gym and to work at ways to be able to afford membership 🙂

  30. 嗨,利亚, I 知道 you must receive a lot of these 信息s but I have experienced a name 重复 over period of 蒂姆e. All these unexpected events have all pointed to the same situation. Could you give any advice I would appreciate thank you.

  31. 嗨蒂姆
    有了名字,可能有很多事情– perhaps the meaning of the name itself can contain a 信息 要么 可能be it’与您生活中具有该名称的特定人或您曾经认识该名称的人有关。如果它’指向特定情况,然后’正在考虑该名称相对于这种情况可能意味着什么。不知道你的情况’难以进一步分析。如果您想探索它,我在这里提供阅读 //www.logicaltechs.com/readings

  32. 嗨,利亚, my apologies it is referring all the 迹象 ive recived have all without question 涉及d back to a specific situation.Ive received between 6-10 of these 迹象 which have all been the same situation and person

  33. 嘿,如果我看到某人的名字很多
    i don不太了解这个人,but the name keeps appearing, even that persons partners names been appearing.



  34. 嗨,利亚!

    在过去的一个月左右(甚至更长的时间),我’我一直在听别人说“Texas”. It’现在到我听到或看到的地方“Texas”每天至少一次。我不’t live near 德州. I assume that I’m receiving a 信息 but for the 生活 of me, I cannot figure out what the 信息 could be. Any insight as to what this could mean would be greatly appreciated.


  35. 嗨谢里–具有同步性’最好从最明显的人开始,然后从那里开始工作,例如,您想去德克萨斯州还是在那里有朋友或家人?您刚从德克萨斯州认识的人吗?…同步性可能意味着’在那里进行调查。出于兴趣,我抬头看德克萨斯州的词源,它源自一个Caddo词的意思‘friends’ 要么 ‘allies’. So perhaps it’s referring to 朋友们 from afar 要么 perhaps it means expanding your circle of 朋友们. Perhaps the issue of 朋友们 and 朋友们hips is important right now. It would all depend 上 your own personal associations and circumstances.

    Sometimes too, things like this happen simply to get your attention so that you start tuning in to other important 信息s.

  36. 我如何发现此网页是同步性的化身。我在做一些呼吸练习,然后想像我的“body” to gradually expand, to encompass our solar system, galaxy, the universe and to draw divine light into my 身体. In the earlier phase, during contemplation of our own solar system, i thought of how recently certain meteors and asteriods have been included in astrology. AS I AM THINKING THIS, my fiance sends a 信息 which for some reason i stop my meditation to read. It was a 信息 telling me that tomorrow through the week there will be meteor showers. I noted the sychronicity and 看ed it up. The second page had a link at the bottom “理解和认识同步性”

  37. 你好我很高兴我遇到了这个。我有很多经验。我似乎无法理解的最后一个。我丈夫可以支持我,因为发生这种情况时,我会向他指出。当我打开电视或生病时,说一个特定的单词/短语会从电视上反复播放。它发生了太多,我以为我’d调查一下。每周至少要说话5到6次,而我说完后仅几秒钟便会说出确切的短语,这些单词或短语会在我身上重复出现。我试图忽略这一点,但是现在它变得越来越常见。随机单词,但最引人注目的事实是时机。生病后立即在电视上重复一遍。有什么想法吗?

  38. 嗨凯伦–我立即想到的是–当某人向您重复某件事时,您会听到自己的话。也许您被要求听一下您现在所说的话。言语有力量。我们所说的是在世界上成真的习惯。可能是个头’请注意您正在发声的内容,因为这会带来某些能量。希望能有所帮助。

  39. 关于单词返回的唯一一件事是它们是随机的,不要’混合。我将开始更加密切地注意,以确保它可以是任何电视短片,商业广告等。时机令人难以置信。我的丈夫说,“这只是一个巧合。我喜欢,是的!感谢您的时间。卡伦

  40. 嗨凯伦– Sorry if I wasn’t clear – I meant that rather than listening to the specific words being said back to you in those exact moments, it 可能 be symbolic of listening to what you are saying in 生活 generally. It’s like an overall 生活 信息 rather than the actual words you are hearing in these moments of 同步性 🙂

  41. 你好

  42. 嗨琳达–谢谢你的评论。像这样的符号是多方面的,具有多层含义,因此’s about finding the 信息 that you need to hear. As it is you that is seeing both the car and the animal it 可能 be less about what your ex might do and more about what this 信息 means for you. I would recommend Googling ‘动物象征捷豹’ to see if you can 涉及 to the information that comes up. Blessings.

  43. 你好
    Im so glad to have come across your website. Up until recently i had no idea what 同步性 was and 上ly began to research it after I 注意d some things in my 生活.



  44. 嗨丽莎–我了解当您仍然对这个人有感觉时,这是多么困难。从心理上讲’您可能对这个男人的外表敏感’s name because emotionally you are still attached. On a spiritual level, you 可能 have a karmic connection but I want to stress that this does not necessarily mean ‘注定要有一段感情’。这可能意味着您遇到此人是有原因的。我建议您记录一下您的感受,考虑他在您生活中的存在如何改变您或它给您带来什么感觉,以及这对您现在的生活意味着什么。我还建议您查询他的名字的含义,以了解这对您是否有意义。
    On a very practical level, if you still like this man, are seeing 迹象 and feel a connection then I would recommend contacting him to see how the land lies. But 上ly do so if you are prepared for the conversation to go either way and 上ly if he is open to contact.
    如果没有联系方式,我建议您创建一种仪式来自己封闭– bless his path and your own and give the matter over to the universe so that if you are meant to be 一起, that situation will be brought about of its own accord. That way you can move forward in your 生活 and release the attachment. It is the attachment to what 可能 要么 可能 not happen in the future that brings about anxiety.

  45. 谢谢您的回复Leah。

    He last contacted me weeks ago to find out if I was okay and if I was with anyone else after him. He since has not made contact, the 同步性 started. In terms of a karmic connection are they 上e sided? Can he feel what I do?

    The 同步性 continues is there anything that I can do to see what this all means and why the universe is sending me these 迹象?


  46. 我认识一个有这个名字的人,但我们不是’t 朋友们 要么 anything. I keep seeing his name like 上 the Internet, 上 paper, I even hear his name in conversations. It’我会突然冒出来。为什么我不断看到和听到他的名字。

  47. 嗨利亚…在过去一个月左右的时间里’ve been hearing – daily –2首与我前任密切相关的歌曲;他为我们的婚礼选择的歌曲,是的,我’ve换了站!这是巧合吗?如果没有,那又如何?

  48. 嗨安德里亚
    Sometimes with songs, the words of the songs themselves 可能 be a clue 要么 可能be this is a subtle 信息 about 看ing at what you are committing yourself to at the moment and whether that feels right for you. It will all depend 上 your situation but think about the song words and see if they spark any ideas.

  49. 就像琳达一样,我也看到我的前任’的汽车(新旧)无处不在!有时候让我感到高兴,有时又变得烦人,不断思考一个不知道他们是否有同样感觉的人!一位心理医生告诉我,我的前妻将于本月与我联系。他们仍然避风港’即使月是’退出。实际上我去了3个,所有3个都说我的前妻会尽快与我联系。作为白羊,我’我很不耐烦’这就是为什么我去了3个不同的地方。我是因为要他们与我联系而看到他们的车吗?或者这表明他们很快就会离开?我什至在去寻求建议之前,也开始到处看到我的前车。

  50. 嘿利亚醒来…
    我27岁,我有一个女友,她不是我们在网上遇到的我的国家…she got engaged in 可能 n since den havnt talked to me…在八月,她向我的妹妹说我的身份证号。几天后,我收到一封电子邮件,其中说她的祖国的女儿已经检查了我的身份证号。几天后,我以真正的来电者身份保存了dat no。并检查了一下,所以在viber上我发现没有。 N这是她在datno上的未婚夫照片。ni认为这是他的不…自从每天以来,我在这里都看到了他的至少一次,在电视游戏..tv。音乐中到处都是报纸….im是一名法学院的学生,在2008年我得到了我的第一个案件,在dat案件中的d名字也来自dis Guy likr mr.a vs. mr.x,他的名字是例如mr.a。…..i我什至看到她的名字bt都是v v几个男人的名字不断出现…
    有一天,我指导我的老师在黑板上写下了一个随机的日期,在它下面的是伙计们,他写下了一个日期,这是我的另一个朋友的日子。…他在第二次约会上擦了擦,这是他定婚的第二天…就像我有这么多的病一样,很多偶然的事情都无法写全部。如果你想听听德姆·丹·威尔…每当我扭动一下确定的事情就结束了…我的女友将成为其他人的妻子,所有的事情都开始发生…请问plzzz tellll meer watt是什么意思?

  51. 嗨,利亚,


  52. 嗨,利亚。关于名字,我有一些很棒的经历。我在2012年与一名前男友分手,由于他作弊,我们在非常糟糕的条件下结束了比赛。但是,虽然这个人不是我要与之共度的那个人,但从我们见面的那一刻起,我们就知道我们有着业力的联系。我们分道扬2后的两年多时间里,我到处都看到他的名字。使用相同名称的客户,瓶装水,商店,珠宝公司。这个名字也很不寻常。最后,我与他取得了联系,尽管我们从未和解,但我们还是下定了决心。从那以后它就停止了!除了像昨天看到我这样的奇怪时刻。但是,现在感觉不那么重要了。

    I recently got in contact with an old friend. We have both discovered a mutual attraction between us and discussed making a go of things 一起. However, due to some personal problems in his 生活 he has backed off. At first I guessed he wasnt that interested afterall, so I too have started backing off and even arranged a date with someone else. However, he keeps telling me he still wants me, just that he needs to feel better first. As I dont 知道 how long this will take, this is why Ive been talking to other men. But the last few weeks and especially days, I keep seeing his name evereywhere too!! I have tried to get him to communicate but he wont, but it seems like the universe wont let me forget him and move 上. I have a lot of feelings for him. Is this a sign I should wait for him 可能be?

  53. I’我无可救药地爱上了这个家伙,他让我心痛,我很容易为他找借口,因为他正在经历着生活的变化,还在成长,但是’就像他过山车一样,冷热的心灵游戏,但最终我们都达到了极限!…我们有这种联系,但我们没有在一起…..但是有一天我恨他,第二天我爱他,他一直在玩游戏,试图迷惑我,’s like he doesn’t 知道 what he wants….he is hard to read…最终,我厌倦了它并决定继续前进,但是每次,我告诉自己我’m done…我看到他的姓,到处都有,只是在我的脸上ba’也不是一个普通的姓,但是当我’m challenging “signs” I’m like right I’我今天要去看,我不知道’t…。但是那一刻我’我对他不高兴或受伤或固执’m done….it以不同的形式和方式出现了多少次…。这意味着什么?我必须’还没有放弃他,他可能会过来吗?为什么可以’t i escape the 迹象 no matter how hard I try…..it’就像宇宙不允许我忘记他或继续前进-

  54. 你好
    Something similar is happening in my 生活 these days. There is a guy I came in touch with through a 朋友们 of mine. I have been talking to him almost everyday for three months now. I have not met him as yet as he lives in another city. However, strange things are happening in my 生活: I dreamed of him five nights in a row and 上e night it was three dreams of him. Also, his name has started to appear at unexpected random places and it reminds me of him. We have both admitted that we like each other but I really dont 知道 where this is going 要么 what is happening. Please shed a light 上 this.

  55. 嗨,利亚,最近两个月我’我一直在不断地听到和听到我的名字。电视,新闻报道,广播,电影,CD,社交媒体,书籍I’ve read. It’太疯狂了。我的生日3月11日,我的伴侣11岁,父亲11岁,我曾虐待我11年的前男友,当我用Google搜索事物时,’m感兴趣的是,发布的日期始终是11。我每天晚上都做噩梦,并且感到不高兴。父亲说我’m an empath, it’太可怕了。我有多动症。我每天在世界上看到的事情都伤害了我,我觉得我’我在等待某事但别’不知道什么。可以看到我的名字和出生日期的数字意味着我’我一直在等待,也许最终会到达吗?亲切的问候,凯蒂。

  56. 为我罢工2’我已经一定会警觉’m a Scorpio and I’ve been seeing 2222’在过去的2天里,我在白色羊毛衫上洒了一杯饮料,它看起来像是蝎子,它散落着,斑点缠住,但是图案很完美,所以今天我不小心掉了蜡烛,蜡溅了起来在我的书架上,也有蝎子的形状,我’ve注意到多套44和444’s today..

  57. 感谢您对这篇文章!!

  58. Hello! I have parted with my ex for more than a year now. Everything is good with me but lately, it seems like the world has been showing me 迹象 about her. Our anniversary date has been appearing around me and there’很多。朋友说我’我只是被这个数字吸引了,也许我’我只是在寻找它,但它无处不在。我已经过了那个阶段,使我所看到的一切都变得有意义。


  59. My experience witlth 同步性 is: I keep having dreams about 1 man. I also hear and see his name almost everyday like something does not want me to forget this person. He is from my past and his name is unusual yet I see it everywhere. I have beem trying to figure out why.

  60. 嘿..

  61. 我一直在走遍我的每一个角落,看到我的初恋,越来越真实!即使当我和另一个男孩在去他家的路上开车时,他最终还是成为我们面前的车!有时候我’步行去公共汽车站时会见他,其他人则是他在开车,我们在公共汽车上见面。我也在去美甲沙龙的路上看到他!

  62. Such a worthwhile topic, Leah.:) I 涉及 to a lot of what you’ve written! Many of the comments I leave 涉及d to astrology are just as much about 同步性.

    在过去的几年中,随着我的聆听意愿不断加深和扩大,我的生活变得富有共时性和象征意义。也许一直以来,只有我没有’t 注意d 要么 didn’还没听懂‘language’:双子座的出生时逆行的9H火星与射手座的3H Psyche和处女座的12H冥王星相对,这是我在2H / 3H的天蝎座木星,水星,海王星相交的标尺。一世’m still learning.

    是的(!!),生活绝对像一场梦,我 ’m总是愿意充分利用口译服务。书,动物,鸟类,电视,广播,公共汽车上的广告牌,偶然的相遇(和梦想)都对我说话,通常是在我不自觉地寻找它们的情况下出现的。

    Often 同步性 shows up as a 恩典的形式, arriving at a 蒂姆e when I (or someone I’ve encountered) least expects it but needs it most. In that way I believe, like you, 同步性 reminds us we never walk alone ~ in any given moment, any 上e of us might be called to serve another as an instrument of grace.

    I’ve与陌生人随机(同步)接触’ve told me they’d一直在搜索(有时长达数年),问了同样的问题,我’我只是回答而不必问。我知道不是’t me per se, it’s about the ‘message’。我只是碰巧是在正确的时间出现在正确的地方的正确的使者,’t mean I’我也不会因这些经历而感到谦卑和敬畏。

  63. 谢谢LB–同步是非凡的,美丽的和令人敬畏的!是的,您9号的复古火星可能是其中的一部分。我总是把第九宫和象征性语言联系起来,把第三宫与线性语言联系起来。我喜欢您表达共鸣的态度‘form of grace’并亲身经历了它’在那一刻,我知道我正在与一种巨大而难以理解的事物交流,却又一次以某种方式充满了爱和个性。

  64. Though I knew (or thought I knew) the 9th (being opposite the 3rd) was somehow connected with 语言 s that are foreign to us, I don’t remember reading about the 9th and symbolic 语言 *or* the 3rd and linear 语言 . . . so I appreciate your response. Thanks, Leah!

    The last sentence of your comment resonates in a big way.:) Although 可能be not essential, I think gratitude helps to invite the divine presence you speak of into our lives.

  65. Somebody please help me solve this mystery. I met someone who I feel a deep, strong connection with, in 八月 , three years back. It was an unexpected, pleasantly surprising, 生活 changing experience. As luck could have it, coincidentally we met again 上 the same date…根本没有计划!可悲的是,我们避风港’之后有机会追赶。
    现在在这里’奇怪的部分。自从我们上次见面以来,我’ve been seeing “August” EVERYWHERE! I read it written everywhere 上line, I pick up a random magazine from the trash and it says 八月 ; I read a novel and the protagonist’s name is 八月 ; in the month of February people start talking about things they’八月会做我突然发现上面写有该日期(8月30日)的旧CD!最奇怪的事情发生在这个月,当我看到那个日期– 八月 30 – in my dreams twice!
    I have been waiting to connect with this person again. But I never even thought about 八月 until these coincidences started occurring!

    What could this mean? I waited in anticipation last 八月 , but nothing happened! However the strange appearances of 八月 haven’停了!请帮我破译这个意思!