星际迷航g – The Astrology of Gene 罗登贝里

Spock先生-小图像I’ll admit it, I’我是科幻迷从小我就对太空旅行着迷。我的叔叔在肯尼迪航天中心工作,经常寄给我报纸夹和纪念品。我沉迷于每个科幻小说系列,沉迷于沉默中,羞于在演出期间敢于讲话的任何人。 《星际迷航》(Dr. Who)博士(汤姆·贝克 我的 医生),Space 1999(我想 玛雅!),布莱克’第七名,太空堡垒卡拉狄加,洛根’奔跑,莫克和敏迪…如果它有外星人和太空旅行,我必须看它。

星际迷航’ across the universe…
Still pretty much obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy, 我的 own writing (and reading) has always favoured these genres. The charts of writers are often quite fascinating. The natal astrological symbolism often spills through into their characters sometimes voicing aspects within the chart. For a little bit of fun as the new 星际迷航movie release date draws near, I thought I would take a look at the chart of 星际迷航writer and creator Gene 罗登贝里 .

Gene 罗登贝里  Natal Chart

Cancer 上 罗登贝里 ’s Ascendant is indicative of this affectionate 人 who is fondly remembered for giving great big hugs. Pluto (conjunct the Ascendant) along with Venus, quickly gives a picture of someone who had the tenacity and the determination to transform his own life as well as lending itself to the cult status that he enjoyed with the birth of Star Trek. Initially staying close to his roots, he 是came police officer (Pluto = crime) 是fore turning to writing.



太空–最后的疆界…这是星舰企业号的航行。五年任务… to boldly go where no 人 has gone 是fore.


Uranus of course is also noted to 是 the planet of invention. It is future orientated and futuristic so no wonder then that 罗登贝里 created a story far in the future with a the teleport system (‘beam me up Scotty!’),以轻松地将角色从一个地方移到另一个地方。

罗登贝里 developed the idea of 星际迷航so that he could “在不破坏网络的情况下处理诸如性,宗教和工会管理等重要问题。“. In effect, Gene peacefully raised cultural issues in an innovative way. The prime directive of Starfleet is that they cannot interfere with the social development of any alien race they encounter. This natural urge towards peaceful co-existence is a 人ifestation of the 月亮-Uranus conjunction in 双鱼座。 1960年星际迷航开始时’s, it was revolutionary that he chose to have a multi-racial cast and an ultimate agenda towards peace in a divisive, warring climate. Whilst 罗登贝里 had no planets in air signs, his North Node in Libra spoke through his urge towards equality for all. With the North Node conjunct asteroid Astraea (Star Maiden) who left earth to dwell within the stars 是cause she couldn’在地球上承受着不公正的待遇之后,我们再次看到了占星术象征主义是如何发挥作用的。

斯波克先生罗登贝里 ’s deep understanding of our psychological roots helped him to create a world where we can battle our shadows. In this case, the shadows (Pluto) that threaten to disempower our society, were moulded into aliens. Often wearing recognisably human faces, the various aliens could bring up the issues that 罗登贝里 was concerned about in an acceptable way. For example, 斯波克先生’的人民(火神)有难以置信的强烈情绪(双鱼座的月亮),威胁要使其不堪重负(月亮统治者海王星与狮子座的火星合相-也许与巨蟹座的冥王星合而为一,将方方面面扔进去!)。结果,他们通过强烈的自律(火星半方土星)学会了脱离自己的情感自我(天王星与月亮合相)。在《星际迷航》神话中,第三次世界大战通过消除贫穷,疾病和苦难–所有的海盗问题,几乎消灭了我们,瓦肯人拯救了地球人民。

在作家中退缩’s corner in the 3rd house, 罗登贝里 had a fabulous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. This shows he had the discipline to put pen to paper and that he most likely enjoyed the process of developing his stories. Given the proliferation of books and websites which list every aspect of back-story, this configuration in the chart shows his careful appreciation to detail in character development and plot-lines. Both Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct the IC giving him the deep-down 是lief and attitude to create a long running story that 人ifested through both the small and big screen.


With the Sun shining brightly in Leo in a packed 2nd house, 罗登贝里 had a gift for drama which not 上 ly made him money but also created heroes who could fight our own imaginary demons. Neptune dispositing the 月亮 and ruling the 9th gave him a hunger to create imaginative, archetypal stories.



只有前进,仍然可以’t find reverse.
Chiron in Aries in the 10th house is in an interesting position trine both Mars and Neptune and square Pluto and Venus. Chiron in the 10th indicates that 罗登贝里 ’成功不是没有挣扎。 《星际迷航》最初在收视率不佳之后被取消,但随后又恢复了演出。即使节目恢复了,它也不是没有困难。最终,在拍完第一部电影之后,制片厂看到了它的赚钱潜力,“forced 罗登贝里 to relinquish creative control of future sequels.”当然,凯隆(Chiron)可能是骨头角色(Bones),他被赋予了更宿命的观点(凯隆广场冥王星(Chiron square Pluto))。‘Bones’但是也有土星的管辖权’有趣的是土星位于对健康敏感的处女座。

“Reality is incredibly larger, infinitely more exciting, than the flesh and blood vehicle we travel in here. Gene 罗登贝里

星际迷航Asteroids (yes really!) and their placements in Gene 罗登贝里 ’s chart.
In researching for this post, I discovered that there are several asteroids with 星际迷航inspired names not to mention an asteroid named after Gene 罗登贝里 himself. You gotta love that there’是一个叫Spock先生的小行星! --

4659 罗登贝里 – 22GEM40 (12 house)
2309斯波克先生 – 16LEO23 (2nd House)
9777企业 – 8CAN43 (1st House)
7307武井 (在扮演Sulu的George Takai之后– 11LIB56 (4th house)
68410尼科尔斯 (在扮演Uhura中尉的Nichelle Nichols之后)。 05SAG57(第六宫)

真正引起我注意的小行星是 企业 which is exactly conjunct Gene 罗登贝里 ’s powerful natal Pluto. How expressive! The ship herself (always referred to in the feminine in the original series) carried our glorious heroes into the blackness of space and 上 into the unknown to seek out new life (Pluto rules the 5th house). It was to 是 a journey that would transform 罗登贝里 ’的生活并影响着后世。



在写这篇文章时,我发现自己对这首几年前发行的歌曲感到咯咯地笑。如果您是《星际迷航》的粉丝,我’m sure you’ll remember…

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  1. Thanks, Leah.:) Who knew there were 星际迷航asteroids? Fun! In 我的 natal chart, asteroid 罗登贝里 is conjunct (-1) 我的 12th house Pluto, ruler of 我的 3rd.

    它算我 ’我也是《星际迷航》的忠实粉丝。我很喜欢原始作品,但我想我喜欢“The Next Generation”系列甚至更多,可能是因为我很欣赏让-卢克·皮卡德(Jean-Luc Picard)’高贵的性格。然后那边’s 星际迷航Voyager’s “Seven of Nine”. 那里’我的Aquarius-Scorpio方块有一些深的东西,让它们沉入其中。电影也很棒–期待明年五月发布的下一个。


  2. “I have to agree –谁能抗拒让·卢克’s gorgeous accent ”

    Yes. And his humility. I forgot to mention how I noticed Gene 罗登贝里 ’s的节点轴与我自己的轴对齐(天秤座NN,白羊座SN)–在2度以内,但在不同的房屋中。我认识到,他在角色和故事情节之间寻找人与人之间的平衡一直在努力’已创建。感谢您发表另一个启发性的文章!

  3. 哦,是的..当然,当我们穿越时空时,我们全都在星际迷航中&充满的空间‘暗物质。宇宙由类似‘80% ‘dark matter.’确实,Gene很有趣’在巨蟹座的第一宫维纳斯·冥王星。‘dark side’ of human nature &头脑..人性,善与恶&丑陋的人,巨蟹座的金星冥王星,双鱼座的天王星-月亮三人。所有这些,我也坐在这里,观看原始的电影《星际迷航》,《电影》。即。用它’当我们从双鱼座时代,即人类时代过渡时,人类的永恒故事讲述了水瓶座时代,心灵时代的巨大困境。‘Belief”..就像史蒂文·福雷斯特(Steven Forrest)所说的,是神秘主义者,梦想家或诗人。而且,这部电影也将《星际迷航》深深扎根&拥有6集电视连续剧,超过700集,&现在有12部电影。这必须是现代世界上最重要的特许经营权。并且,在电影结尾处最后的深奥的神秘或古代炼金术象征主义怎么样?&Ilea完成了伟大的炼金术作品,男性思想的结合,Solar原理以及人类感觉的女性或农历原理的最后工作&情感等。对于水瓶座时代来说,这是一个非常深刻的故事。

    同时,还应注意Dane Rudhyar的Sabian符号’s book ‘占星曼陀罗’ for the Sun’根据IMDB的资料,影片首映时的学位是1979年12月6日,即发行前一天,太阳在13&射手座14度。因此,我在这些角度上看到了太阳的核心,象征意义,揭示了水瓶座时代的本质或含义。.从* 13degSag,一个寡妇开始’过去的光明了。过去行动的业力,因为它影响着新周期带来的机会。‘the Widow,’因为我们即将结束的“双鱼座时代”已经埋葬了它曾经崇敬的大多数理想&宣布。然而‘New Age’将不得不处理许多压迫性的鬼魂。这是恢复的象征。.同时也移至下一个度数,在* 14degSag,大金字塔&SPHINX ..神秘知识的持久力量&准神像监护人“Seed-men”之前存在的周期。.这个符号暗示着神秘的知识&实现它的传统过程仍然存在,&通过接受他们的原则现代‘man’最能应对当今世界危机的挑战..灵魂的伟大’s past achievements &试图唤起过去的价值。揭示的是精神祖先的力量…

    这也是我最新博客的链接,或者有人会说,‘love letter,’ to Star Trek.. at http://whatsitallmeanthen.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/star-trek-leading-us-all-into-age-of.html#!/2013/05/star-trek-leading-us-all-into-age-of.html

  4. 好吧,我是葡萄牙相当一段时间以来唯一认识的Space:1999粉丝…我第一次接触它是在强迫与我的父母和兄弟姐妹在非洲呆了一年半之后(4月25日之后)’74革命,我的祖父,现实生活中的葡萄牙殖民者,相信我父亲去尝试保留许多农场和那里的东西。我父亲是一个典型的太阳白羊座,带我们走了很多路,还真让人感到震惊。那时我正处于青春期,并在一年级时爱上了Zienia Merton。然后,一个充满命运的夜晚’76岁,用虔诚的热情清理电视屏幕上的所有灰尘,并在给定的放映时间前等待了一个小时,我看了第二年的第一集!不用说,Zienia和我保持着良好的关系,但是每当Maya出现时,我都会脸红并感到非常不舒服。不,我没有恋爱,’因为我很尊重她的声音和口音,这是可以理解的。

  5. Ah Zienia Merton也很可爱。是的,凯瑟琳·谢尔(Catherine Schell)的声音很好。我刚刚发现她已经退休,打算在一月份出演一部新版的《吸血鬼》,所以我得看一看。