Asteroid 精神

精神 and Eros Small PicAsteroid 精神 was discovered by Annibale de Gasparis on March 17th, 1852 in Naples. Whilst 精神 followed the same established pattern of being allocated a symbol (a butterfly’她是机翼和恒星),是第一个以圆圈圈出的天文数字(16)闻名的小行星。

Astronomical symbol for 精神

精神 is one of the ten most massive asteroids. Her orbital period is 4.99 years. She is large enough to affect the gravity of other asteroids nearby. Whilst she doesn’由于它属于任何其他小行星家族,因此人们认为她是我们太阳系历史上早期参与碰撞的一个较大物体的遗骸。

The story of 精神 has to be one of my favourite mythological tales. She appears in art, poetry and prose, her attributes sometimes distorted, her myth sometimes changed but always the 灵魂 of the story remains.

精神 means ‘soul’ in Greek and also relates to breath and mind. 精神 is the root of psychic, psychology, psychedelic and psychopathic! In modern day use, psyche has come to mean something similar to mind, consciousness and/or personality.

医学上的定义:心身统一的专门的认知,情感和情感方面。特别是:id,自我和超我的总和,包括有意识的和无意识的成分– 韦伯斯特(Merriam Webster)’s Dictionary

希腊人认为思想/灵魂位于胸部,而心灵是灵魂的统治部分。考虑到我们许多人内心的感受,这也许不足为奇 –无休止的失落之重量,爱的冒泡喜悦,知道正确做事的宁静温暖。尽管我们现在可能知道大脑包含了存储我们的记忆,梦想和欲望的神经活动,但我们仍然有心脏在说话的感觉。

精神’s Story

精神 was a human woman blessed with extraordinary beauty. Unfortunately for 精神, the Goddess Aphrodite became extremely jealous that men were paying homage to her instead of the Goddess. Aphrodite decreed she would marry a 怪物, charging her son Eros with the job of making 精神 fall in love with the most hideous man alive. 精神’的父亲通过甲骨文收到了一条消息,说他的女儿被命运注定是可怕的,所以建议她被带到高高的悬崖上,然后摔倒致死。

But instead of falling, 精神 was saved by the West Wind and carried to a beautiful palace. In this place, 精神 was treated like a Queen and then at night her invisible lover came to her and made love to her. 精神 was very happy but her sisters were envious and cruel. They laid the seeds of doubt in her mind, suggesting that her invisible lover was in fact the 怪物 the Gods once said she would marry. 通过 this time 精神 was pregnant and her sisters played on this, saying the child too could be born a 怪物.

精神 illuminates Eros - The Mythic 塔罗牌
5杯– The Mythic 塔罗牌

精神 was distraught and knew she had to see who her lover was even though he had made her promise never to try to reveal his face. Once night, with a knife in one hand ready to slay the ‘monster’,她在情人身上举起一盏灯’的睡眠状态,看到美丽的爱神(Eros)在她的床上睡着了。立刻,她坠入爱河,并充满了激情。这导致一滴燃烧的油滴落在他的肩膀上。爱神醒了。


Finally, Eros could bear it no longer. Now that he had healed from his wound, he flew down and rescued 精神, lifting her up to the heavens where he asked Zeus to grant 精神 immortality so that they could be justly married. Zeus agreed, the couple were married in a great wedding feast and shortly afterwards they had a daughter who they named Voluptas (Pleasure).

There are many subtle levels to 精神’的故事。从她的象征“蝴蝶”开始也许是明智的’翅膀和星星。蝴蝶象征着蜕变,因为它们将其形状从不受欢迎的毛毛虫转变为非凡的翅膀之美。爱,就像光一样,使我们灿烂地发光,并展现出我们的多种色彩。


精神 and Eros精神’s story is about how love transforms us. It shows the tenderness and delicacy of love – how easily bruised we are when trust is broken. It shows how doubts can damage us, how envy can harm us and how quickly the light goes out when love leaves. It also shows how love takes us on a journey, one where we must face our darkest fears in order to discover the truth of 我们自己 so that we can reveal that truth to 我们自己的 beloved. Ultimately 精神 shows that the journey will irrevocably change us and how true love unites us with 我们自己的 divinity. Love leads us to touch the Gods.


When the story begins, 精神 is human, young and innocent. She seems to have it all going for her physically, considered more beautiful than Aphrodite herself, yet she yearns for something else.

她与一个从未见过谁藏在黑暗中的情人建立了关系。黑暗代表她的潜意识。关系还没有‘real’ because she cannot name her lover or describe his face. This part of the story relates to 精神 not 真实ly knowing herself. Monsters lurk in her unconscious mind – her fears grow with the whisperings of her sisters. In a sense then, her conscious mind is aware that something is amiss and something is missing.

她的理解瞬间就来了‘sees the light’。在故事中,姐妹们要求她为杀死怪物准备一把刀。像塔罗牌中的剑一样,小刀代表着逻辑性和决定性。灯光照亮了这种情况,她意识到自己与自己的分离程度。她没有’不要相信自己-她自己的一部分会逃跑。当我们看到破碎的灵魂时,就在这里。

精神 shows us where we must bring 我们自己 在一起–团结 我们自己的 anima and animus. The house and sign of 我们自己的 natal 精神 shows where we might be seen for something we are not, where we might try to live up to someone else’的期望,我们可能太在乎我们如何看待别人,以及我们在何处受到一次又一次的审判,以便认识到自己的美。

The last trial of 精神 caught my eye. Aphrodite tasks her with visiting Hades and asking Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, for a box of her beauty-oil. Overcome with everything and thinking this is certain death, 精神 takes herself to the top of a tower ready to throw herself off. But the Tower becomes animated with Spirit and talks to her. It tells her not to give up and then gives instructions on how to complete the task.

In the tarot, the Tower is number 16, like the number of 精神. The Tower comes after the Devil card. The Tower shows us that through crisis we are redeemed, through facing our demons, we break out of 我们自己的 hell. The way out of hell is through the Tower. The card that follows the Tower is the Star.

It is only through facing hell that 精神 can break the torment imposed upon her. When she decides to steal one drop of the beauty oil, it is like her one last attempt at keeping the 灵魂 and the ego separate – to stay unconscious. But, as the sleep of Hades tells us, she can no longer hide behind her beauty nor blame it or anyone else for her predicament. Now she has seen hell, she is already changed. Now she has illuminated her own shadows, her 灵魂 has come to light and it is this that becomes resplendent in immortality.

图表中的Psyche显示了您需要在灵魂层面上恢复自我的地方。不可避免地,爱情会带领您踏上旅途。精神’s的位置可能显示当爱敲门时出现的阴影以及在与他人建立联系之前必须纳入的阴影。Psyche显示了在逆境中您可能愿意放弃的地方,您可能会寻求轻松出路,生活会一次又一次地考验您,直到您面对自己的私人地狱。小行星Psyche展现了您有能力转变,成长为可以爱和被爱的人。 精神在她的最深处工作,向您展示了如何与灵魂重新连接,提醒您内在充满光彩和美丽,并且您的灵魂像星星一样永恒而永恒。

精神 Discovery Chart
精神 was discovered when the Sun was in Pisces – the sign representing the concept of 灵魂 and cosmic unity. In the Discovery chart, the Sun is quincunx to 精神. It feels like a game of hide and seek between the ego (Psyche is in Leo) and the 灵魂 (Sun in Pisces). The Sun is ruled by Neptune – a transpersonal planet linked to unconditional love, spiritual love and also sorrow, disappointments and deception.

Asteroid 精神 Discovery Chart

Quincunxes are about adjustments and connect to the idea of fate or destiny. They also can indicate ill health through association with the sign Virgo and Scorpio. So the discovery chart quite eloquently shows us how 精神 is caught in the performance of the ego and is pushed and prodded by the universe to reconnect with her 灵魂 (through her beautiful and divine lover). Through deep sorrow, she is eventually reunited with her 灵魂 – and 灵魂 love.

Venus conjunct Saturn is fitting as it literally describes the trials that Venus (Aphrodite) gives to 精神 to prove her worth. It is through these that 精神 matures.


精神 was at 27LEO07 when discovered.



How to Find 精神 in Your Chart 并在扩展图表选择中‘additional objects’ type in 16 to bring up 精神’在出生图中的位置。

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绘画– ‘The Abduction of 精神‘威廉·阿道夫·布格罗


  1. I have 精神 in 8H Scorpio (con Hekate & Asbolus &西西弗斯(Sisyphus),opp 2H Tau Cupido,平方尺12H Aq Pallas&天王星,三1H Pis谷神星& 5H Can Moon, sex 7H Vir P Fort, semisq 10H Sag Sun) and what you say makes total sense! I can see the 真实ity of your discription in my life.

  2. 感谢您今天才发现的精美文章。

    精神 is conjunct my NN and fixed star Aldebaran in Gemini in my 9th house, part of a grand cross with the Nodes and Virgo Pluto/Uranus in my 12th house opposing Saturn in my 6th house.

    精神 and NN are also part of a grand trine with 1st house Libra Venus and Pallas in Aquarius conjunct my 5th house cusp.

    So I guess she is very central in my chart, and I can also very much connect to the myth and see myself as a male version of 精神..

    At this recent super full moon, which was right on my IC, I have a grand cross AC/DC 1 Libra/Aries IC/MC 2 Capricorn/Cancer, I drew the Tower card, and some how I feel the time has come to go 真实ly deep into that Hell you mention and see how I find my way up again.



  3. 嗨,疯狂– thanks for your comment. Yes, it does sound as though 精神 has an integral part to play in your chart. It is through the Tower we come out of hell and meet the star 🙂 Blessings to you.

  4. 关于联姻,谁能告诉我一个男人’s 精神 and Saturn in Scorpio conjunct a woman’的北节点会播放?

  5. I just reread your 文章 and my comment from last summer as the upcoming new moon will be on my Pallas on my 5th house cusp, making a grand trine with my Gem 精神/NN and Libra Venus. My premonition from then was more right than I imagined. I hope and pray and somewhere I guess I also know that this new moon will be a great release from that journey. I wrote a poem this month, celebrating the broken heart as the opportunity for opening the fragile heart to divine love. Here it is xx Mads






    但是破碎的可爱,上帝向黑暗唱歌’ face,


    The Song resounded and Dark felt that the Light was 真实ly sweet,




    但破碎的可爱,黑暗中歌唱’ space










    千载难逢的障碍’d occur
    The lightest 灵魂 might meet a sickness at the easy gate,


    但是破碎的可爱从上帝那里明亮地响起’s rays
    And many 灵魂 would sing the Song in harmony and praise.



    但是光明与黑暗终于在他面前微笑了’d sit:





  6. just a note to say that I 真实ly appreciate your site and particularly this section –和这个页面。今天,我对自己的心理状况有了更多的了解,还有很多需要加工的食物。 (今天在这里与我联系的astro标志很贴切,总会给人以启发和安慰。)感谢您在我的旅途中发挥了重要作用。

  7. 非常感谢您提供的精美文章。


  8. 很棒的文章,它帮助我进一步了解了自己的个人旅程。我出生时的心理与太阳合相为1度。通过学习自我问责和面对我的恶魔并学习爱自己。我开始更加清楚地看到了关系。我提高了爱别人并被他们真正爱的能力。就像灵魂一样,这不是一件容易的事’的旅程。但是我经历过的一次最启发性的思想,身体和精神的融合。谢谢 !!

  9. HI. This was a fantastic rendition of the story. I was 真实ly looking for an explanation to connect my astrological research to the myth and then to make it personal. thank you.